SQL Query Editor is one of the most powerful features in Worksheet Systems. With SQL Query Editor, you can create custom SQL tables, export the data to Excel or CSV files, modify the data in the table, and save the data to the table.

Let’s create a custom SQL table based on the existing NorthwindCustomers data table. The resulting table will contain three columns: CustomerID, CompanyName, and City.

  1. In the navigation panel on the left, click New Custom SQL Table.


  1. Click SQL Helper to get a template for SQL script.


  1. Under Select Data Table, choose your main data table. For example, NorthwindCustomers.

  1. For our example, let’s modify the script like this:

  1. Click Insert Script, and then click Run to display the resulting table.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the table, click the icon to export the data to Excel or CSV files and/or save the data to the table.

  1. As a result, your table will appear under Data Tables where you can edit it as any other data table. You can also show the SQL script by clicking Show SQL.

  1. After you show the SQL script, you can either hide it or run it by clicking the corresponding buttons.