An Online Database which is as easy to use as Excel and as powerful as SQL

Worksheet Systems is an online database software which allows anybody to build custom online database applications with ease, control and confidence. No coding required!

Take control of your data.

Worksheet Systems makes it easy to build enterprise-worthy database solutions and custom business applications which you can access from any device. Robust controls protect your data so you can share and collaborate it with anyone.
Worksheet Systems can handle any data related task. Use it for managing everything from inventory management and simple customer lists to more complex business processes like outgrown clunky spreadsheets or generic software products.


Maintain the consistency and integrity of your data with a clear, customized data structure.


You can control who can see and edit your data. Our audit trail allows you to keep track of who made changes to your data (and when!)


Customize the look and feel of your data. Build charts, create spreadsheet-like tables, dashboards and more.



Data Structure

Define a clear data structure to ensure consistency and integrity across all of your data.

Multiple Views

Create multiple views of your data with a spreadsheet-like interface and a variety of charts.

Audit Trail

Keep track of who changed your data and when. Audit trail also shows you where the changes were made.

Security & Access Control

Permissions allow you to control who can see and edit your data. Share a worksheet or just a portion of one.


You can import and export your data at any time. Continuously update your tables with greater control.

Cloud Based

Access your data from anywhere, on any device. No need for any additional hardware or software licenses.

Online database examples

No coding required!

Anyone can build robust, enterprise quality, custom business applications for their data management needs!

Benefits delivered to Business and IT departments


With continuous data flows, managing information is critical for any business. We beleive, end users know business well and should be able to customize business applications for themself

  • Increase productivity – due to access to all infimation you need.
  • Infinitely customisable – configurable to each user’s unique requirements.
  • A single and consistent UI accross all applications and functions.
  • A quicker IT turn around time
  • Excel-like web interface or native excel (just like Bloomberg’s BDP function).


Worksheet Systems massively simplifies application development and maintenance processes. What will make more quality time to focus on core business delivery.

  • Cost saving.
  • Much quicker time to solution.
  • Easier maintenace and support.
  • Fully functional SQL support.
  • Integratity and consistency of your data

What do people say about Worksheet Systems?

James Evans

After struggling with Excel for many years I’ve finally found a great way to share data with customers and clients by using Worksheet Systems. Creating multiple reports from one core set of data not only saves time but has significantly reduced the amount of errors I experience.
I can now easily share data across the cloud with workers and customers alike, showing them different information from the same set of data.
Can’t wait to see what features they add next!

James Evans
CEO GoCopywriter
Joana Kraus

Our operation team was too dependent on Excel. Spreadsheets were everywhere, multiple copys of data and everyone had his/her own spreadsheet for all the answers. Worksheet Systems has helped us to consolidate all of our data without having to copy or paste anything and has provided us with a consistent and holistic view on our business data.

Joana Kraus
Operational analyst
Michael Clarkstone

Since Worksheet Systems were adopted - we use it everywhere. For once, we have a centralized view across all aspects of our business. We've built multiple dashboards which reference a single underlying source and no need for multiple copy of trues. We can easily share information across our organization while controlling who can see what and which people are allowed to edit.

The ability to easily track which changes are made to our data and who made them. This made both our staff and auditors very happy.

Michael Clarkstone
Business Owner


Microsoft Excel is the most popular software program in the world. Many businesses rely heavily on it. However, unlike Worksheet Systems, Excel is errorprone. It has no data structure, no security or permissioning and no audit or concurrent access capabilities. It’s nor scalable either.

Google Sheets is a great product. It offers a lot of flexibility that Excel doesn’t. But, like Excel, it doesn't have a structure or proper validation. It’s error-prone and you can’t create multiple views of your data (unless you copy data across).

You can share your Worksheet with any registered Worksheet Systems user. Even users with Free Accounts can read and modify your premium worksheets if you them to do so. There are two types of permissions: Read Only or Read and Write. Users DON'T have to have PAID accounts to read or modify your data!

We created a system that’s both simple and robust enough to satisfy your data needs. The fundamental building blocks are:

  • Data Table - the structure of your data. Define it once and then build as many views (interfaces) as you want.
  • Query Panel - allows you to specify what data you want to read or modify from the Data Table. You can have many query panels accessing same Data Table.
  • Worksheet - your dashboard. Use it to organize multiple Query Panels. Multiple worksheets can point to one or more Data Tables.
Is easy! Isn't it? Check out our Knowledgebase & Support Portal : Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail

Worksheet Systems leverages Microsoft Azure, an advanced cloud system. All data passes through encrypted, secure channels (HTTPs).

Yes! Please contact us for an enterprise license.

It’s easy and free to get started with Worksheet Systems. First, register a new account. After you login:

  • Define your data structure with Data Tables
  • Build your customized UI with Query Panels & Worksheets
Check out our Knowledgebase & Support Portal Should you have any questions, suggestions or just say hello - feel free to contact us via e-mail or raise support question.

Running a business is hard work. Managing your data shouldn’t be.

Worksheet Systems is an online database software which allows you to regain control on corporate data hidden in excel spreadsheets, provide invaluable insight and ensure your decisions are made on accurate and up to date information.