A Data Table is your data stored in a structured format with fields (columns) and rows, in a way similar to Microsoft Excel data table. In Worksheet Systems, you can import your data from an Excel file, a .CSV file, or Quandl database. You can also create a new table from scratch and enter the data manually.

To create a new table, click New Data Table in the panel on the right. This will display the data table settings window, which you can open later after you save your table.

Fill in the following data:

  • Group: If this table belongs to a group of tables, for example, is a sheet of an Excel spreadsheet, then enter the name of this group. For example, the Northwind group can contain such tables as NorthwindCustomers, NorthwindOrders, etc.
  • Table Name: Enter a short but descriptive title of the table.
  • Description: Enter information about the table.
  • Define Table Fields: Select the key field, edit the names of the fields, and choose the field data type. For your convenience, Worksheet Systems provides a template with all data types and sample field names, but you can customize this template to your needs. Worksheet Systems offers the following data types:
    • Short Text: Text up to 250 characters.
    • Auto Number: This data type is reserved for Key Fields. With each new row, a number is automatically generated in this field. A Key Field is a column where each entry is unique. This ensures that each single row in your data table is unique, and that the data is not repeated.
    • Long Text: Text up to 4,000 characters
    • Float Number: e.g. 1,234.21
    • Whole Number: e.g. 123
    • True/False
    • Date Time

If needed, double-click a blank row at the bottom to add more rows to your table structure and fill them with data.

When you are ready with the settings, click Save. As a result, a link to your table will appear under Data Tables in the panel on the left. Click this link to view and modify your table.

To change the name, description, and structure of the table, click the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the table. This will open the same settings window.