Worksheet Systems is online database software that allows anybody to build online databases and custom business applications with ease, control and confidence. We made it as easy to use as Excel spreadsheets, and as powerful as Sql databases. We put a robust controls to protect your data, so you can share and collaborate with anyone.

Why did we create Worksheet Systems?

Worksheet Systems was created to enable every business to build their own data solutions and custom business applications, without compromising the integrity of their data. Every business has unique data that it needs to work with to provide its services, support its employees, and inform its customers, yet not all businesses have access to software solutions that allow them to manage and use that data effectively and securely.

In the past, businesses could either use Excel or hire a team to create a custom platform – an effective, if expensive option. Relying heavily on Excel leaves businesses open to time-consuming and expensive data errors, but faced with the high cost of building a custom solution prices many SMEs had no other option. In 2015, a team of software developers with experience building, maintaining, and supporting custom software solutions for the financial services industry decided to create a third way for businesses. The resulting software, Worksheet Systems, offers an alternative solution that supports businesses no matter how complex their data needs, and provides proper data structure and permissioning features that ensure consistency and integrity across all data, all at a fraction of the cost of a custom development.

As a team we have applied the same knowledge and experience that we use to building custom solutions for investment banks, hedge funds, and asset managers, and made the resulting system open to a wide range of business, allowing users without a budget for custom development to collaborate on a secure controlled, and scalable platform. Because we want to empower businesses of all sizes we are dedicated to always providing a Free plan, where users can own small datasets and have the ability to access other worksheets. This means your colleagues and customers can sign up for free to access your data, and significantly reduces the overhead for smaller businesses. As a team, we are passionate about empowering employees and businesses through providing high-quality data tools. We are constantly looking to improve and expand our services and welcome your input. If you have a suggestion, please contact us through our online contact form.

Who are we?

We are a group of financial services consultants from FalconSoft who are passionate about providing high-quality data solutions. We are experienced at creating custom data solutions for a wide range of data-reliant customers, particularly in the financial services industry.
We have applied all of our knowledge and experience gained from helping data-reliant clients such as investment banks and hedge funds to manage their data to this new tool that is open to everyone. Through Worksheet Systems, we aim to deliver a data platform solution that is available to any business, large or small.

Our team is passionate about providing businesses with the high-quality tools they need to work with their data effectively and unlock its potential to help grow and support their business.

Running a business is hard work. Managing your data shouldn’t be.

Worksheet Systems provides invaluable insight on your data and ensure your decisions are made on accurate and up to date information.