Worksheet Systems – a flexible database software

Worksheet Systems is online database software that allows anybody to build database applications with ease control and confidence. Our goal is to provide a robust data management platform what is very easy to use – same as excel spreadsheets are, and as powerful as Sql databases. And the same time we do care about security and control of your data.

Here is a few simple steps you have to do to build custom database application

1. Define the structure of your data

Before you start designing your database application, you have to define a data model (Data Tables). This will ensure.

  • Integratity and consistency of your data
  • Avoid duplications
  • Strongly typed columns will ensure help with data validations.
  • Raw power of Sql Server 2016 ensure reliable storage of your data

Read more about Worksheet Systems in general overview.

2. Getting Data into Worksheet Systems

You can always import data into Worksheet Systems from CSV, Excel files or from your connected systems.

Your data will never be locked in Worksheet Systems. Even if you have a few million rows, you will always be able to export them into CSV file or native Excel format.

3. Customize look and feel of your data

Once you have defined the structure of your data, you have all tools available to customize look and feel of your data, So, you can customize a different views of your data based on business task or audience and without copy/paste your original data source.

  • Build interactive dashboards with Charts, Excel-like datagrids.
  • Define dashboard wide filters.
  • Define Comboboxes based on other datasources or custom values.
  • Choose columns you want to select and apply filters

No need to Copy/Paste anymore. You are defining queries based on up-to-date Data Tables.
Read more about user interface customization here

4. Security & Access Control & Collaboration Opportunity

Robust Access control and permissions allow you to control who can see and edit your data. Share a worksheet or just a portion of one..

  • Permission access to dashboards
  • Share/Collaborate with other users.

5. Audit Trail – all changes to database rows are tracked all the time

Keep track of who changed your data and when. Audit trail also shows you where the changes were made.

  • Full record history on for every row and whole table.
  • As Of functionality.

You will be able to see your data as it was, when you made a decision

6. Fully functional T-SQL Support

Leverage all power of MS SQL query language with no limits. People familiar with SQL can write complex SQL queries and expose them back to business users as normal Data Tables with live data.

  • Write SQL Queries accross all your Data Tables
  • Save query as a Data Table for other users
  • Export result-set back to Data Table
  • Export to Excel file

7. Integration – Stay connected

Connect seamlesslely to internal and external apps, services and procecesses.

  • Quandl – for financial, economic and alternative data.
  • – for web data.
  • Microsoft Flow – for Azure services.
  • Zapier – for everything else! 750+ apps connected.

Some ideas what to use Worksheet Systems for?

  • Manage support customers.
  • Centralize and share working documents.
  • Inventory management for your company.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Customers reservation.
  • Manage customers orders.
  • Real estate management
  • Manage products in stock.
  • and much more…

Running a business is hard work. Managing your data shouldn’t be.

Worksheet Systems provides invaluable insight on your data and ensure your decisions are made on accurate and up to date information.