In Worksheet Systems, you can allow other users to view and modify your dashboards. For example, you want to show a dashboard to a co-worker, a manager, or a customer, and/or allow them to make their own edits or comments. This makes the collaboration process quite straighforward and convenient.

You can share your dashboards with any registered Worksheet Systems user. Even users with Free Accounts can read and modify your premium dashboards if you give them corresponding permissions.

  1. To allow other users to view and/or edit your dashboards, open a dashboard and click Share.

  1. A window will appear showing you the current users and their permission level, and giving you the option to add more users. As you are the author of the dashboard, your name appears here by default, and you have both the read and write permissions.

  1. Click Add New User. As a result, a box will appear in the upper-left corner of the page. Enter the login or email of the user with whom you are going to share the dashboard, and then click Search & Add. The system will check whether such user exists and send them an invitation from you to collaborate.

  1. After the user accepts the invitation, you will see their account and name in the list. It means that you will be able to give them the Read and/or Modify privileges by selecting the corresponding checkboxes. If the circumstances change, you can also use the same page to remove the privileges where appropriate, just by deselecting the corresponding checkboxes.
  2. If you want to give all user a public read-only access to your dashboard, select the Allow public read only access checkbox in the lower-left corner of the page.

  1. When you are ready, click Save Changes. Now you can effectively work on your dashboard together with other users.