There are two easy ways to modify data in Worksheet Systems. The first is by importing a new file with revised data, and the second is through making manual changes to the data from within the system.

Importing the Revised Data

  1. In the navigation panel on the left, click either Import Data > From Excel File or Import Data > From CSV File, depending on the data table that you are updating.
  2. Click the corresponding button to select your updated XLS file or CSV file.
  3. The next step depends on the file type.
  • For XLS files: When you reach the File To Table Fields Mappings stage of the wizard, deselect the New checkbox and choose the table that you are going to update.

  • For CSV files: The CSV import wizard has only one page, so on the same page deselect the New checkbox and choose the table that you are going to update.

Then follow the next steps, as you would typically do during the import. For more information about the import processes, see How to Import Excel Data and How to Import CSV Data.

Revising the Data Manually

You can also change the data manually in Worksheet Systems. To do this, you simply select the cell, click in this cell, and type in the correction. Please note that the system highlights all changed rows with red. To record those changes, click Save. As a result, the system will show a message with details about the changes, specifically, the number of inserted, updated, and deleted rows.

In addition to cell editing, Worksheet Systems gives you more table management options, such as View record history. To access these options, click the icon in the upper-right corner of the table view:

For more information about the table management options, see How to Manage a Data Table.