Worksheet System’s Excel Add-In

Worksheet System’s Excel Add-In allows you to query data directly from Worksheet Systems into your excel spreadsheet and vice versa. So, you can enjoy the flexibility of Microsoft Excel, while your data sit safely in an MS SQL database, behind Worksheet Systems business layer.

Here is a short video demonstrating AddIn in action

Check out our knowledge base articles to learn more information about Worksheet Systems basic building blocks.

Load Data

Loading data from Worksheet Systems data query directly into your sheet is very easy. Just select a data query and specify a target cell. Then we will download selected data query (along with all headers) into the range starting from this cell

Load Data into Excel Spreadsheet

Load Data into Excel Spreadsheet

Save Data

You can save data from your spreadsheet cells directly into the Worksheet System’s database by clicking on “Save Data” link.
Then, you can select cells you want to save it along with relevant headers. This is very important to have Headers included. Then, once you selected you can save it to the existing data table (merge data in) or create new data table withing Worksheet Systems database.

Save selected cells into new Data Table

When you selected cells range and pressed “Create new table” checkbox, we automatically worked out Field Names, Data Types and suggested a Key field. Then press “Save Data” button and all your data will be saved into newly created Data Table.

Merge selected cells into existing Data Table

Similarly to the previous sample, you can save changes to an existing data table. Just select range of cells (along with headers), select destination data table and press “Save Data” button.
Please note, that all headers have to match field names in the table, otherwise it will show you an error.


Worksheet System’s Excel AddIn (same as Worksheet Systems) and was designed, built and supported by FalconSoft. Falconsoft Ltd is a London based IT services company which offers professional services to help businesses achieve their enterprise architecture efficiency goals.

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